SmithTi Complete Front Axle with Titanium Spindles




The First Ever Precision Axle!

Why did we make this?  We wanted to finally eliminated the inconsistency and headaches that come with welded king pin spuds on welded axles.  The castor and camber are very important and must be precise and repeatable to maintain a good handling race car  with consistency.  The only way to achieve this is to machine every aspect.

We machined our axle ends from 7075 billet.  We did this because it gives the castor and camber precise consistency and the king pin through hole precision roundness.  Welding will distort and pull the castor and camber out of alignment and throw the king pin through hole out of round.  Precision machining instead of welding will eliminate wobble with the king pin and because of the coatings, no grease is required.

Why is this piece so expensive?  The precision machine work and the quality of the materials make this a high end product.  You will not have clearance and alignment issues with the brake caliper and rotor.  Plus it’s simple and clean .  This axle includes:

  • 100% USA made materials and parts
  • the first ever 4340 billet machined radius rod mounts
  • titanium king pins with a special coating that does not require grease
  • aluminum cap for titanium king pin
  • titanium spindles
  • 7075 aluminum steering arm set
  • left front brake caliper
  • titanium left front brake rotor
  • left front brake pads
  • Smith Ti billet front hubs – come standard with high end low friction bearings and titanium studs and nuts
  • titanium bolts for steering arm and brake caliper

* steering box and tie rod are not included

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 6 in


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