Hyper Array Nut Assembly for HBS Spindle


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You will never have to buy another spindle nut again!

The exclusive Hyper Racing Array Nut, designed by Mike Dicely, enables precise bearing load and will never come loose. This elegant design will lock in place every 2-3/4 degrees (every minute mark on a clock is 6 degrees) of rotation by using screws to secure, enabling the nut to be tightened to the exact load preference. The locator ring, secured by the key, keeps the nut locked in place.

Note: To use this nut, make sure you have the latest Hyper Racing HBS Deluxe Spindle with the keyway cut into it. Most spindles since mid-2017 have the keyway, but please double check yours. If your spindle is not keyed, replace the snout in your old spindle with 01-0915 Keyed Spindle Snout or cut the 3/16″ keyway using a mill.

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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in


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